EZ Advantage, located in the scenic Milford CT, designs an IP PBX, a hospitality guest room phone and PBX peripherals such as an IP-based Call Accounting, Analog Gateways and Ethernet Converters, which were specifically designed for Mitel PBX Systems.

At EZ Advantage, we are focused on providing cutting edge products that add value to your business. EZ Advantage is firmly committed to producing products that are built to last using innovative technology, quality and customer focus.

Product Range


An IP PBX, or Internet Protocol Private Branch Exchange, is a communication system…

Call Accounting

A call accounting system is the silent architect of an efficient and cost-effective telecommunication infrastructure…

Ethernet Converters

Ethernet converters serve as vital components in network infrastructure by facilitating seamless communication…

Analog Gateways

Analog Gateways play a pivotal role in the ongoing transformation of communication networks….

Guestroom Phones

Hotel guestroom phones have evolved into sophisticated devices that go beyond simple communication…

SIP Phones

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) phones are the unsung heroes of modern communication systems….

Cellular Dial – Tone

In the realm of analog communication, the dial tone was a simple acknowledgment, a signal that your device…

Why EZ Advantage ?

Choosing EZ Advantage Products means your business and your technicians have a vendor that can not only support their own company products, but can offer expert support on Mitel PBX Systems and networking issues as well.

With EZ Advantage products, you can maintain efficiency to grow at your own pace, while knowing we will strive to ensure you will always have quality peripheral products and the highest level of technical support.